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Las maletas de Walter Benjamin. Dispositivos migratorios Exposiciˇn

Las maletas de Walter Benjamin. Dispositivos migratorios

Exhibition 20.07 - 24.09.2017


 Installation at the Arts Santa Mònica exhibit The suitcases of Walter Benjamin. Migratory devices, an itinerant project that has already passed through La Casa de Velázquez in Madrid and Portbou.


The exhibition emerges from a collaborative project between different schools of fine arts: the Weißensee Kunsthochschule in Berlin (Visuelle Kommunikation. Digitale Medien), the École des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, the School of Arts and Design School Of Barcelona and the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid.


Students and resident artists have created some imaginary suitcases based on the reading of the Theses of the Philosophy of History written by Walter Benjamin (Berlin, 1892-Portbou, 1940), and believed to be carrying the suitcase on his flight In exile, before deciding to end his life on September 26, 1940 in Portbou, when he was arrested by the Gestapo and knowing that he would be repatriated. Today's history, memory and European identity is the bottom line of these suitcases that students have created thinking about Portbou, a frontier and exile passage that is currently taking on Europe's refugees.


The exhibition joins a Benjamin geographical area, with the participation of Berlin, where it was born, Burdeus, an important city in France, a country that welcomed it as a German refugee, and Portbou, a Spanish border, where it decided to end its Life